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Category theory

August 3, 2007

Ah, also of note was a category theory (CT) exam because it was very difficult and I suck at CT so I was surprised to have passed it and bragged about it around. But the response I was getting was always “what the hell is category theory?”. Here again wikipedia comes to rescue by allowing me to just say that the Abstract nonsense article refers to CT and then everyone decides that they don’t really need to know what the hell is category theory.

What is qemu

August 3, 2007

Last month I had a couple of semester end exams and presentations at the uni and for one course I had to choose the presentation topic myself so I took qemu. Since qemu has no logo or anything it was hard to come up with any graphics, and there’s also no UI so no screenshots. In the end I had only one image in the slides and it’s this one:

What is QEMU?

It’s a painfully obvious rip-off of‘s What is Peggle but I just couldn’t resist it, the image just cracks me :-( I suspect the copyright belongs to Stephen Notley, it was only slightly modified under Gimp with my trackball. BTW I discourage anyone editing pictures using a trackball, there’s nothing worse than a trackball for pictures.