FCOIII looking sad

This is my FPV camera after a 200m dive from the kite when the rig failed yesterday.
It fell on the roof of a Ferrari car-service (seen below from a photo camera which made it safely to the ground) and it kept recording/transmitting for another 30 minutes despite the twisted head joint and being covered in snow.

By the way I have selected some of the occasional interesting aerial shots taken by the camera as it’s making the vertical imagery or from a paraglider or airplane window or on other occasions, and collected in a picasa album here, though I now have a two months backlog of winter kite pics.

In other news last week groupon.com had an offer for sight-seeing flights over Warsaw in a two-seater ultra-light airplane for just about EUR20. I bought three coupons :)  They let you decide the route and altitude and buy additional kilometres for 50cent/km and I hope that will let me complete most of the free (as in freedom) orthoimagery map for my city, till now made with the kite or rc helicopter.


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