Public transport season is on

All the times it snowed this winter it first looked like it was going to stop me from biking through the city but was followed by a soon change in weather and the snow melted before I actually needed to go anywhere.  Today I’ll need to make a small trip and the streets are covered with enough snow that melting it in the time left until I’m leaving would require an amount of energy to radiate that would be dangerous to forms of life, so I think it’s the end of the biking season finally.


2 Responses to “Public transport season is on”

  1. PaulFertser Says:

    I think you can try to cycle despite the snow and you’ll like it. The
    only problem is when you get to a path where snow is porridge-like ;)

    I cycle in Moscow during the whole winter (as many others do) and the
    snow was never a big problem :)

  2. Forrest Says:

    I’m a little surprised to hear that Paul Fertser is able to cycle though Moscow all winter, although I just heard the same thing from a friend who used to live in Anchorage.

    Still, if it’s all melted, that’s definitely better to bike through. I don’t mind water, but bikes can slip on ice just like cars can…

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