Nomadic C162

…is a regular smartphone (don’t confuse with Nomadik). I’m only posting about it because I found completely no information about it on the intarwebs when trying to answer the simple question of whether Linux could be ported to it, so that if anybody else wants its specs they don’t have to take the device apart anymore. I got one such phone this week and today disassembled it and collected the list of chips it features, complete with pictures. All chips on the PCB have metal covers on them, some of the covers have to be ripped out by force. There’s nothing special about the phone except that it’s a CDMA phone (uses the CDMA2000 standard in the 850MHz range) and that local calls are free, but the network only exists in Warsaw, outside this area it becomes an mp3 player/camera with four hours running time (in constant use, so not terribly bad). The manufacturer of the C162 is a Chinese company called TechFaith. They have several similar models on their website but no mention of C162 or C161c in particular. The Polish operator Sferia seems to be the only operator using these models. Here’s the obligatory generic diagram of the OS structure of TechFaith devices.

The specs I collected are in this text file. I uploaded some pictures of the C162 intestines here, together with some pics of my new GTA02.

GTA02 WLAN card from AtherosThe answer to my original question seems to be that the C162 can’t run Linux because the CPU is from the MSM6k series by Qualcomm which features ARM7TDMI cores (i.e. no mmu), so the best you can get is uClinux, but then it seems Qualcomm doesn’t make the documentation accessible. There exists a working kernel tree for the MSM7k series maintained by the Google Android project, probably some drivers would be reusable.


One Response to “Nomadic C162”

  1. Illdo Says:

    Hey, I have that phone, and hardly expected to see such a description outside Poland ;) Thanks

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