At OH-plex

The Christmas arrived at OpenedHand a week ago, in form of a Millenium Falcon, and on that occasion we had some (traditional British) fun together. This was my first chance to see the famous OH-plex live, the place where the ideas hatch for the near and far future of open-source mobile computing. The interior is full of things you’ve never seen and the reindeers help the elves with some of the heavier tasks we have to complete for our super-secret but top of the market corporate customers. There are surprisingly few actual PCs (I think I counted 2 or 3 desktops). Some pictures here.

The said traditional British Xmas goes like this: first thing in the morning you ride quad bikes, then do some archery and this is followed by laser-modded full-size shotgun shooting. Then, to top off the Christmas spirit you jump into a 4×4 jeep for some blindfolded driving in winter mud on a farm in Kent. Basically a day full of crazy fun and joy of celebrating a globe-wide cross-religion holiday.

To get to the place I landed at the London City Airport which is like a normal international airport except it’s squeezed in a space ten times smaller than a usual airport. That allows it to function relatively close to the city centre so you don’t have to travel far. The single runway is practically built *on* the Thames, surrounded by water from all sides and looks quite impressive.

It was very cool to see London after perhaps some ten years since my last visit, and the Thames river had a new feel after my (not so) recent lecture of “Two and a Half Men in a Boat” by Nigel Williams (great read, btw., and how the book got in my hands in the middle of wild wild south of France is a weird story).


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