I can fly?

My long awaited private pilot’s license (PPL) for paraglider finally arrived and I’m offically a pilot. It came by mail straight from… Slovakia. Why Slovakia? Turns out it’s the nearest place that has some sane law regulating the air traffic. The license is acredited by Fédération Aéronautique Internationale and comes in three documents, two of them looking really neat and one that appears to be photocopied in b/w and filled in with a true old-style typewriter plus an unreadable signature of a representative of the Letecká Amatérska Asociácia Slovenskej Republiky in Žilina. This is however totally compensated by the fact that all three papers contain both my name and surname spelt without a single typo! This is an unprecedented achievement in the field of office work and the history shall remember this moment. Hereby credits go to the Slovakian beaurocracy and, of course, to my paragliding instructor.

When I grow up I want to be a Slovakian office worker. (I bet their aeronautic association has a whole department to deal with poles going for the PPL in Slovak Rep. in face of the lack of sane regulations locally).

Unrelated to all that the license was sent to my parents’ house where I went by bike today and when I was coming back a storm was just starting. Let’s just say I had never seen the average of people on the bikeway speeding that fast on their bikes. It’s normally full of annoyingly slow and lazy bikers of all ages. Now, right before the storm everyone, including the moms with children, was beating the shit out of their machines, and it was a real delight. I took the bike path that goes through siekierkowski bridge over Vistula and there’s a place in the middle of the way where there’s no civilisation in at least 10km in any direction and you don’t want to be there when the storm starts. Btw the path connects two slightly suburban but important Warsaw districts and it is most of the way in a nice forest with the bridge in the middle and the view of the city was great from there, especially during the rainstorm on an otherwise sunny day (you could say it almost looked good, which is impressive considering that it’s known as the ugliest city in this part of Solar System).


4 Responses to “I can fly?”

  1. mereale Says:

    Congratulations! :)
    Always wondered, do you have a driver’s license?

  2. balrog Says:

    No way, cars are too dangerous. All these accidents…

  3. ewoor Says:

    Hi I can tell you if its real and valid but need to see it please scan them and send them to me.

  4. balrog Says:

    No, thanks ;-) it is 100% real and valid.

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