Not another blog please

As you see, I’m starting a blog. Not sure why. Blogs aren’t very cool now like they were a couple of years ago. Anyway, one reason is perhaps this post I read back in 2005. A more current reason is that I’m spending a lot of time on IRC (this happens whenever I have something important to do, like now, the exams) and there’s this person there, who, everytime I start relating my flow of current random thoughts in the channel, will conclude that I must be tired, poor me, and say “Oh no, you overstudied, shut up and go to sleep finally” (oh well, she cares for me (just doesn’t know about it) – and this person knows who I’m talking about (!!1)).

I might have been heard saying that I hate blogs and that they are boring and stupid. I still think that, and this blog will be no exception, it will be boring and stupid™. This blog doesn’t aim to be technical, like some people would expect, and if there’s anything technical or useful, I appologise ahead. Updates will be rare and the content (if any) of low quality.

I do feel a bit ashamed of having a blog, but hell I have done worse things in my life.


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